Most businesses don’t claim their Google My Business account. And a lot of businesses that do claim their account add a few main details and abandon it.

Little do they know that optimizing your Google My Business is one of the easiest methods you can use to rank higher on Google Maps and improve your local SEO. It can lead to more customers coming through the door, more sale and profit.

This means you will be more visible to your potential customers when they search a related keyword to your industry. Your business name will pop up higher on Google Maps when you work on your Local SEO.

For example if someone searches for restaurants near me on Google Maps, you will show higher on the recommendation list. 

Let’s face it, people rarely go past the first page or Google. So showing on the first page will be a big advantage.

A Google My Business account allows you to control, index and display your business information. It will give your customers a chance to add photos and videos of your business as well. You can also manage your online reputation by replying to reviews and communicating with potential customers.

Google My Business Will even provide you with customer insights and you will be able to target your customers even better with the information given.

So now that you know the importance of optimizing your Google My Business account, let’s talk about 10 ways to Optimise your Google My Business account.

1- Add All Your Business Information To Your Google My Business Account

Make sure you answer all the questions like your opening hours, services and description. Add as much info as you can. The more the merrier.

Make sure this info is the exact same on your website. Your Address spelling should be the same as the address on your website and Google Maps. 

This will ensure better SEO ranking.

Utilise the category section when adding info to optimise your Google My Business account.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one category. Google My Business allows you to add as many relevant categories as you want. This will help people find you when searching for similar results.

To do this, go to info and click on the pencil next to categories. In the pop up click on “add new category“.

You can’t create your own category and need to pick from the list available. You can get the full list of the categories available here “List of Google My Business Categories”.

Some business categories come with “category-specific features”.

Hotels can add class ratings and amenities.

Food and drink businesses can add menu items directly and also add a link to their menu, reservation and order pages.

Some service businesses like beauty salons can also add a booking button to their listings.  

You can learn more about which categories to chose from google support.  

2- Add Photos, Videos & Your Logo To Your GMB Account

After adding all the general info, go to the “Photo Tab” and add as much information as you can there as well.

Studies have found people are 2 times likely to be considered and are clicked more often than businesses without photos and videos

I always advise adding as many pictures and videos as you can. A lot of people disregard videos but videos are very powerful.

If you were searching for a restaurant and saw a video of happy customers singing happy birthday or if you searched for a dentist and the dentist was giving a high five to a little laughing patient, wouldn’t that compel you? They’re friendly and awesome and will make me feel good.

You can leverage the photos customers post as well and even make them into your business profile picture. You can encourage your customers to add photos of your business well.

* Tip To Optimise Your Photos For Better SEO Ranking:

Before adding the photos, you should GeoTag them.

To do this, go to Geoimgr. Drag and drop your Photo.

If the address doesn’t automatically appear, add it in yourself. Write it the same way you did in Google My Business.

After doing this, save the photo and add it to the photos in your dashboard.


3- Verify Your Phone Number In The Message Tab In Your GMB Account

When you verify your number, people can message you straight from google map and ask questions about your business.

Most people don’t like to call a business and would rather message to get their answer. This messaging feature really improves your relationship with the customers and provides more transparency and trust.

This phone number you add won’t be shared with the public. So, add a number that you use more often. When someone messages, Google will inform you via a text message and you can reply to the text directly.

The sooner you reply, the happier the customer is. Google will calculate this respond time and inform your visitors on how long it will take for you to reply to your messages, “typically replies in 5 minutes”.

You can edit this number at any time and activate or deactivate it when you want.

After adding your number and installing the app on your phone, you can add a custom welcome message that will automatically be sent to the potential customers that message you.

You are also able to share your profile with other directly from the app. This is also a great way to get customers to give you a review.

With that being said, let’s go on to another way you can optimise your Google My Business, asking for reviews.

4- Ask Happy Customers To Add Reviews On Google Maps

To get a good SEO ranking you’ll need reviews. Try to at least add 5 reviews at the beginning.

The best way to do this is to ask family and friends (who used your services of course) to add reviews.

It’s a good idea to ask your happy customers to rate you on Google Maps. You can also add a link to Google Reviews on your website to encourage people to leave reviews. The more good reviews you get the better it is for your local SEO.

Try to reply to all your reviews no matter if they’re good or bad. Always be positive and try to solve problems of low rating customers by asking how you can make their 2 star review into 5.

People will trust you more if they see you genuinely care.

5- Add Business News And Posts To Your GMB

Google Posts allows you to directly communicate with your visitors and keep them updated on your brand, products and services. It’s like a free advertising platform.

You can choose between “add update”, “Add Event”, Add Offer” or “Add Product”.

This way your customers will have a reason to search you. The more you are searched the more Google likes and ranks you.

You’re able to add text, photos, gifs and even call to action buttons like Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up and Call Now.

Keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to connect with your audience and build trust. So, don’t fill this area up with jargon.

Write like you’re talking to your friend and inform them of what’s new in the business.

Use real relevant high quality photos that show case your offer very well. The minimum resolution should be 400 px wide and 300 px tall.


Bonus Tip: Take Advantage Of Google  My Business Insight Tools

Google My Business insight tells you a lot about your visitors journey. It tells you if your visitors know your brand and have searched you directly or have found you from searching for categories like “nail salons” that you have added to your Google My Business.

You will also be able to see if your visitors found you through Google search or through searching on Google Maps.

There are other information that Google My Business Insights give as well. You can see what actions your customers have taken, have they visited your website? Have they asked to see directions? Have they clicked on call or message?

Google my Business Insights also compares the times your business photos have been viewed compared with other relevant businesses. This gives you the opportunity to search related businesses and see what they are doing better than you and learn from them.

Even though this doesn’t directly optimise your Google My Business, these insights will help you understand your customers better and come up with marketing strategies according to the data.

Last Thoughts

There are many ways for people to find your business. But, nobody can deny that Google search optimisation (SEO) is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. The reason is that people who are actively searching Google are hot buyers. This means they are ready to buy and just need the push.

To optimise your Google My Business you’re just using one method to rank higher on Google Maps. Google my Business is a free tool that can help you double your profits. You’d be crazy not to use it.

Keep in mind that improving your SEO is a lot more than just optimizing your Google My Business. SEO is an art.

It takes time to master and time to kick in. If you need help ranking your website in Google Maps (Local SEO) or Googles Search Engine, get in touch with us and ask us about our SEO packages.

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