There are many factors that search engines look for when ranking and indexing a website. With that in mind, you can improve your websites SEO and maximize your marketing efforts by focusing on SEO strategies and techniques that work.

So, SEO improves your businesses visibility in search engines. But, is that all it does?

Here we will be talking about a few facts you should know about SEO and why every business NEEDS to do SEO if they want to take their business to the next level.

1. Most Website Traffic Comes From Organic Search

Organic search is when someone types in what they are looking for and clicks the links that show up on the page. This type of traffic is the main source of traffic for most businesses and websites.

You can always use paid ads on search engines or social media platforms to send people directly to your website. But, if you rely on only ads, as soon as the ads stop your traffic will stop as well.

2. SEO Is The Best Long Term Marketing Strategy

Paid ads are a great way to reach your audience and retargeting ads are a super great way to improve your conversion and sales. But as mentioned before, as soon as you stop the ads you won’t be showing up on search engines anymore. So, you will be dependent on running your ads to get traffic to your website.

With search engine optimisation this won’t happen. If you have the right strategies in place and have optimised your website well then it should show up for months or even years.

With that being said, it’s always best practice to maintain your SEO after you rank on the first page of the search engine especially if you’re in a competitive niche.

3. SEO Is Very Affordable

Considering what you will achieve with a highly indexed website, SEO is very cheap and affordable.

You’ll have to get traffic to your website some way or another. If you don’t do search engine optimisation, then you will have to do paid ads which in the long run is always more expensive than SEO.

For example, if you do PPC ads you will have to pay for every person who clicks on your website. You may get 1 person out of 50 to buy from you. This may be a big or insignificant profit depending on the product or service you offer.

But, when you do SEO and rank your website, even if 100 or 1000 people click you won’t be paying any extra. That’s why SEO is an investment. You invest now and reap what you’ve sown when it kicks in and you rank. So, the sooner you invest in the implementation of good SEO, the sooner you’ll gain more visibility on Google and grow your brand for the long haul.

4. SEO Is Constantly Changing

If you’re not in a very competitive niche you may be able to get away with ‘pausing’ your SEO efforts for a while. But, what will happen if you pause it for too long or maybe even stop it altogether?

SEO is a long term strategy because it takes time to kick in. But, that’s not the only reason. Another reason is that Google and other search engines are always changing and optimizing their algorithms on how they rank websites.

Google does this almost every year to create a better user experience for their visitors. Because of this, you will also have to change your SEO strategies accordingly or you will be outranked by your competitors who are following the new best SEO practices.

This means that, if you fall behind, getting back on track may be a challenge. So, it’s always best to maintain your rank by choosing an SEO maintenance plan rather than pausing your SEO efforts.

5. SEO and User Experience are ‘related’

Speaking of algorithm changes, did you know Google has learned how to be ‘smart’?

We’ve spoken about Google creating a better user experience for its visitors. Google knows all! It uses its data and algorithms to figure out what visitors like and what they don’t like.

 If visitors don’t show they are having a positive experience by visiting your website then Google will penalise you.

So, user experience is a big part of ranking well on the search engines. The better your website is structured, the more likely it is for it to gain more visibility.

6. High Rankings Influence Conversions

Nowadays, most people do a lot of research before buying anything, whether it be a product or a service. This is a big advantage! Statistics have shown that people tend to only open sites that are on the first page of search engines. Furthermore, according to Hubspot, the top 5 sites get 75% of the clicks.

They are also more likely to buy from the first sites listed on Google’s first page. This is because they think the sites that show higher are also a better brand and have higher quality.

So as a result, not only does good search engine optimisation help you rank well in Google, but it allows you to send a positive message about your offer as well. Using SEO best practices to outrank your competition will definitely have a positive effect on your conversions.

7. You’re Losing Business If You’re Not On Page One

Obviously, if you’re not number one, someone else is!

And that means you’re losing business… You can sit back and relax and let your competitors take charge. Or you can start implementing the latest SEO strategies that will help you rank higher and get more noticed. The ball is in your court.

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